Welcome to Xylouras Goldschmiede GbR! Where a jewel means love, appreciation, and eternal beauty.

Goldschmiede Xylouras GbR/ Xylouras Jewellery & Repair Shop is a family business operated by Nikolaos Xylouras and Georgios Xylouras since 1993. Making jewelry has been the focus of the Xylouras brothers’ work for more than two decades now.

Creative ˑ Passionate ˑ Meticulous ˑ Reliable

At Xylouras Jewellery & Repair Shop, we are known for our fine and creative work to fit all tastes at all ages. We work with gold, silver, white silver, platinum and a wide variety of precious stones to make jewelry that fit any occasion from birthdays to weddings to christenings and business jewelry. Whether you are looking for a gift for your loved one or a self-indulgence, we can make it for you.

We are here to turn your ideas into unique bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces decorated with the stones of your choice.

Products & Services

Repair & preservation

We repair and create all kinds of jewelry, gold, (white) silver and platinum. Whether it is a simple break that needs fixing or a totally new solution that will help you preserve old family heirlooms, we can help. We clean and leave your jewelry shiny and as good as new.

Custom-made creations

  • Help you look your best at any age, any moment, any occasion!
  • Design & create unique jewels from scratch.
  • Engrave your name or your favorite quote.

How we work

Repair policy: We will review the condition of your item once you bring it to us, discuss wit you and give you a price. We will call you as soon as your article is ready for pick up.

Creation policy: We will discuss different styles and jewellery options with you until you settle to your final choice that will make you look beautiful and unique on your special occasion.

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